Topics: Law, Separation of powers, European Union Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Finland established as an independent country in 6 December 1917 from Russia. It began as a low rate country like most and soon enough reached and made itself a power house. Finland is now a country with a complex and efficient government, a thriving economy, and became one of the largest countries in Europe with a huge geography. Finland is an example for what countries should do with the same resources as Finland. Finland today is a republic which means that the leaders are elected into office. Finland has administrative divisions in 19 regions such as maakunnat, landskapen, Aland, Ahvenanmaa, and many more. Unlike most countries Finland has 2 national languages which are Finnish, and Swedish which all of Finland speaks. Finland has a legislative, executive, and judicial branch just like the U.S. where in the executive branch there is a Chief of state or the president, a prime minister who is the head of the government like England, and a cabinet of the state. This was written in Finland’s constitution made in March 1st 2000 later than any country established at it’s time that still existed. In the constitution Finland declared itself a neutral country deriving its policy of neutrality from the period directly following the Second World War. Its interest in remaining neutral in conflicts between great powers was first recognized in a treaty between Finland and the USSR in 1948 (the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance). The treaty forbids the signatories to join a military alliance against the other, and Finland could not allow its territory to be used for an attack on the USSR. But in all Finland is a free country where the people have natural rights and freedoms such as the United States and with laws that make it so that abuse of these rights is not permitted. It’s legal system it has a civil law system based on the Swedish model. Finland has a highly industrialized; largely free-market economy with per capita output roughly that of...
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