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A Project Report on SMS Based Security System Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere. 1 CHAPTER 1 PROJECT OVERVIEW 1.1 Introduction Home security has been a major issue where crime is increasing and everybody wants to take proper measures to prevent intrusion. In addition, there is need to automate home so that the user can take the advantage of technological advancement. This project presents a model that will provide security to their home, office or cabin etc via SMS using GSM technology. Keeping in view the rapid growth of wireless communication we are inspired to work on this project. The idea behind this project is to meet the upcoming challenges of the modern practical applications of wireless communication and to facilitate our successors with such splendid ideas that should clear their concept about wireless communication and control system. The applications of GSM Based security system are quite diverse. There are many real life situations that require control of different devices remotely and to provide security. There will be instances where a wired connection between a remote appliance/device and the control unit might not be feasible due to structural problems. In such cases a wireless connection is a better option. Basic Idea of our project is to provide GSM Based security even if the owner is away from the restricted areas. For this we adopted wireless mode of transmission using GSM. Beside this there are many methods of wireless communication but we selected GSM in our project because as compared to other techniques, this is an efficient and cheap solution also, we are much familiar with GSM technology and it is easily available. This project is designed to provide ubiquitous access to the system for the security using extensive GSM technology for communication purposes and microcontroller for device control. The highlights of our system are the long range of communication and password security. The security is provided by sending a message to our access number, controlling and acknowledgement is done through SMS code between our access number and the authenticated user. A Project Report on SMS Based Security System Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere. 2 This system consists of a GSM modem for sending and receiving the SMS, Intel 89S52 microcontroller which is controlling the entire system, LCD for the display purpose , keypad for entering the password and supporting circuitries like rectifier for ac to dc conversion. It can be installed at any desired location e.g., office (to protect important files and document), banks (to protect cash in locker) etc. In this system, the authorized person will have the entire control and he will decide which people will be allowed in that restricted area. Those person who can have access to that area, will have a password in advance. If any one wants to enter in that restricted area in the absence of authorized person, then that person will enter the password on the keypad. If the password will be correct, then a message containing the details like name, address and designation etc. of that person will be forwarded to authorized person via GSM Modem. Now the authorized person will send a coded reply to the microcontroller via GSM Modem. Depending upon the response from the authorized person, microcontroller will decide whether to permit or not. If the approval will be positive then the controller will turn on the relay connected to the door and the authenticated user will be in a position to have access to that area else the request will be rejected and the door will not open. The GSM modem provides the communication mechanism between the user and the microcontroller system by...
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