Finger Tracking in Real Time Human Computer Intraction

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For a long time research on human-computer interaction (HCI) has been restricted to techniques based on the use of monitor, keyboard and mouse. Recently this paradigm has changed. Techniques such as vision, sound, speech recognition, projective displays and location aware devices allow for a much richer, multi-modal interaction between man and machine. Finger-tracking is usage of bare hand to operate a computer in order to make human-computer interaction much more faster and easier. Fingertip finding deals with extraction of information from hand features and positions. In this method we use the position and direction of the fingers in order to get the required segmented region of interest. The system is able to track the finger movement without building the 3D model of the hand. Coordinates and movement of the finger in a live video feed can be taken to become the coordinates and movement of the mouse pointer for human-computer interaction purpose. In this report we will discuss that what is human computer interaction, how this interaction take place and what the importance of this human computer interaction in our daily life and research field. In this report we discuss some current research topic like postmodern phenomena, that how human and computer interaction influence this postmodern phenomena and how virtual reality work in the context of human and computer interaction.

In the field of technology and image processing, finger tracking is a high-resolution technique that is employed to know the consecutive position of the fingers of the user and hence represent objects in 3D. In addition to that, the finger tracking technique is used as a tool of the computer, acting as an external device in our computer, similar to a keyboard and a mouse. The finger tracking system is focused on user-data interaction, where the user interacts with virtual data, by handling through the fingers the volumetric of a 3D object that we want to represent. This system was born based on the human-computer interaction problem. The objective is to allow the communication between them and the use of gestures and hand movements to be more intuitive, Finger tracking systems have been created. These systems track in real time the position in 3D and 2D of the orientation of the fingers of each marker and use the intuitive hand movements and gestures to interact. Finger pointing systems aim to replace pointing and clicking devices like the mouse with the bare hand. These applications require a robust localization of the fingertip plus the recognition of a limited number of hand postures for “clicking-commands”. Finger-tracking systems are considered as specialized type of hand posture/gesture recognition system.

Basics of Internet Searching Internet searching typically involves placing a keyword in the search box and clicking search. The search engines crawls through the websites and rate a webpage according to the occurrence of the keyword in the page. Some of The Internet Searching Techniques:

* Search Engines:
* Google
* Yahoo! Search
* MSN Search
* Teoma
* Ask Jeaves
* Directories:
* LookSmart
* Lycos
* Snap
* WWW Virtual Library
* Yahoo Directories
* Home

Methodology Used In 3D Searching Methodology used involves following steps:-
* Query Formulation
* Search Process
* Search Result
True 3D search systems offer two...
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