Finger Prints

Topics: Fingerprint, Francis Galton, Anthropometry Pages: 3 (542 words) Published: February 23, 2011
1. Finger prints are unique for every person and are definite from birth because they never change through life it is a very useful means for identifying a particular person

2. An identification specialist has to have and detailed understanding of biological structure of friction skin and understands the stages of friction skin development. They also have to be aware of the numerous factors that affect its growth.

3. Twins have the same DNA configuration but they do not have identical friction ridge configuration.

4. Marcello Malpighi from 1628-1694 was considered to be one of the first histologist.
Histologist is a study of body tissues.
Dr. Nehemiah Grew from 1641-1712 drew and extremely detailed palm. Jan Purkinje from 1787-1869 was the first physiologist to classify the 9 patterns on the finger print.

William Herschel from 1833-1918 was the first European to use the finger prints for identification purposes. Dr. Henry Faulds from 1843-1930 published an article to assist in finger prints that may assist in crime investigations.

Alphonse Bertillon from 1853-1913 devise a method of measuring body parts for identification of criminals.

Sir Francis Galton from 1822 – 1911 published a book that significantly advanced the science of finger print identification.

Sir Edward Henry from 1850 -1931 created a classification system which is considered to be the modern era of finger print identification.

Juan Vucetich from 18 58 -1925 finely refined Edward Hendry’s classification system into smaller groups that were easily searched.

5. J.C.A Mayer on 1788 was the first to recognise the similarity of specific friction ridges and the facts that they never repeat

Arthur Kollmann on 1883 discovered that random physical stress and tension might played a part in the development of the fingerprints.

Inez Whipple on 1904 wrote an article that gave us an insight in the skin development in mammals.

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