Finger Print Lab

Topics: Fingerprint, Automated fingerprint identification, Finger Pages: 2 (370 words) Published: January 1, 2013
FIMolly O’Donovan
Period 1 Anatomy
October 25, 2012
Make up finger print lab

Fingerprints are impressions created by ridges of the skin. The ridges are in the tips of the fingers, palms of the hands, and the sole of the feet. These ridges form before a baby is born. They do not change, but they can become larger. There are three different types of ridges in our population, loops, whorls, and arches. Crime investigators can save fingerprints by brushing powered in place with either camelhair or a fiberglass brush. Prints can be seen in many different ways. One way is iodine; it produces a purple vapor that interacts with a component of the fingerprint to reveal a print. Also, ninydrin, which reacts with amino acids in the print to form a blue purple color. Silver nitrate is another example; the chloride ion of salt will react with silver nitrate to produce silver chloride. Silver chloride is colorless, but can be seen with an ultra violent as a black or reddish color. The last one is super glue; it can be heated in an enclosed area that contains the evidence in question. It appears in an off-white shade. The first year of finger print identification began in the United States in 1902. They first started using fingerprints for the identification of criminals. Fingerprints now go through a process called the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System. Fingerprints are sent through electronic mail, processed on IAFIS, and response is returned to the contributing agency after two hours or less for electronic criminal fingerprint submissions and twenty-four hours or less for electronic civil fingerprint submissions. This system helps in many ways, it helps identify the criminal, and also it helps keep a record of this person electronically. The FBI, CSI, and many more use this. They can search someone’s fingerprint any where in the world within 30 minutes, with this fingerprint processing system. About one in six American’s fingerprints are on file...
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