Finger Injury (Sprain)

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Fingers Injury : Sprain
Normally sprain is a result of forced motion at a joint that stresses the supporting ligaments, causing varying degrees of damage. The forced motion usually hyperextension and lateral motion which is the lateral motion means stresses the collateral ligament and hyperextension means stresses the anterior capsule.

There were several of symptoms of sprain injuries such as tenderness at the site of injury, increasing in pain on reproduction of the stress that caused the injury, and varying amounts of swelling, stiffness and soreness surrounding the articulation. The injuries may take a month to resolve depends on the amounts of ligaments damage.

Most common of hand sprained is to the proximal interphalangeal joints. For example, when a finger is pulled or forced to the side, the supporting collateral ligaments may be injured and will exhibit tenderness at the site involved, swelling and pain on passive stressing. Any instability will be appeared with severe of sprain. If the injuries don’t have enough assessment and treatment, then the injuries become to worse time to time and finally loss of motion. Different with lateral motion, the hyperextension may tear the volar plate away from its insertion at the middle phalanx. In this injury, the athlete may complain have a pain on their proximal interphalangeal(PIP) joint area with or without motion, hold the affected finger in a mildly flexed position, and express pain on active and passive extension. The symptom such as tenderness at the volar aspect of the PIP joint will be present. A suspected volar plate injury should be X-rayed for a small avulsion fracture from the middle phalanx. Gamekeeper’s or skier’s thumb is actually a sprain to the ulnar collateral ligament of the metacarpophalangeal(MCP) joint of the thumb. This usually ligament sprained which is provides the stability for normal grip and pinch. Unfortunately, the seriousness of the injuries often overlooked or...
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