Finding True Love

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  • Published : February 22, 2011
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Love; how much is hiding in these four letters, people all over the world love each other. Love is a great power which makes life so important. I think that without love, people can not live in this world. Some people have already met love. When I was growing up, I was always told that there is someone in this beautiful world for everyone, and I never seemed to believe it. I had been heart crushed by a guy I thought I loved, so ever since then, I thought true love could not be real. I always dreamed of a relationship in movies with the perfect couple walking by the ocean together, holding hands so tight that there are no spaces between their fingers, and always thought to myself, “When will I find love like that?” One day, though, when I met this one special blonde - haired bombshell, I realized that true love really does exist.

When I was in high school, I never really wanted to get involved with guys. I was not like all the other girls, I did not need that stunning, captain of the football team; prince charming in my life, I just needed my best friends and my loving family. I had crushes, I just never really wanted a relationship. I had enough experience watching my friends get their hearts broken and my grandparents ruining their lives through a rough divorce, so I never wanted to put myself in a position to get hurt.

Almost every evening, I would spend quite a bit of time on the internet searching on Myspace and Facebook. As I was scrolling down my news feed, I saw this guy, Christopher; whom I have always had a crush on, posted new pictures onto his MySpace. These pictures were gorgeous of him and showed his sun kissed tan skin, bright blue eyes, and blonde gelled down hair. I smiled and felt a sense of shock when I saw these pictures, so I finally had the courage to comment on them. I simply told him, “This is a really good picture of you!” The next day, I got on my MySpace to see an inbox message from him. I had so much excitement and butterflies...
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