Finding the Inner Voice

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Finding The Inner Voice…….
I know people may feel like its all waste to follow all such things…. But frankly speaking just give a thought to what have been written here……..We all are gifted with something special by our parents… I know the question arises what is that special thing. Surely everyone has the answer for this ….it’s nothing other than our life. But the question again arises why this life is given to us, just to fulfill the dreams of others which was never your and even will never be yours, just to think what others say. Is this life been gifted to us to settle down with the things which we never wanted to do, and to be unsatisfied for the whole life or it is gifted to be satisfied by unsatisfied means. The question is for all who thinks that things will change but never changes and the answer lies in the inner voice of your heart which we always ignore due to the other voices around us. I know people today are more bother about what others will say rather that thinking what their heart says. I know while reading u might feel that it’s all childish, it’s all an immature talk but truly speaking think for a while, read everything once again and feel it from the heart and then read the next part. I believe u all have read the upper part once again and then reading this.. If not its sure u don’t follow what your heart says. Friends I believe and even think that everyone should believe there is something hidden in everyone of us but the thing is ……… we r not able to find it. I know it’s very difficult, even I am suffering from the same problem. The problem is we do the thing which not at all makes us happy… But end up doing all this bcoz we r burdened with lot many things in life…. For a while just close your eyes and think what exactly u want from your life…. The answer will definitely not come very easily bcoz u r bounded by many things… just try to come out of those things and then start thinking… surely u will find the answers….. Lines said by a...
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