Finding Nemo Summary

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  • Published : November 2, 2012
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Summary Essay: Finding Nemo
This undersea movie is introduced with a married couple of clownfish admiring their new home by the drop off. While talking about their future plans and getting ready for their clutch of eggs to hatch, a barracuda attacks them, leaving Marlin, the husband, unconscious, a widower, and a father of one fish, Nemo. The movie then transitions to years later on Nemo’s first day of school. While ecstatic to meet his classmates, teacher, and the independence of going to school, Marlin ceases to let Nemo go smoothly due to his fear of losing his only son and the worry of his “lucky” fin (an injury acquired from the barracuda attack). After such trauma, Marlin is known to be “scared” of the ocean, filled with anxiety, and “not-so-funny for a clownfish”. These particular traits are truly vibrant when he goes after Nemo’s class to the drop off and begins to yell at his son. After much embarrassment from his father reprimanding him at the drop off, Nemo decides to “touch the butt” and was consequently taken by divers on a mysterious boat. The only evidence left behind was that of a scuba mask, which fell into the water and sank down to the deep blue sea. While frantically looking for his son and any sign of the boat, Marlin encounters a strange, naïve, but optimistic blue fish, Dory, who admits she knows where the boat went. Unfortunately, it did not take long for Marlin to realize she suffered from short-term memory loss. Marlin’s great adventures begin while meeting three sharks on a fish-free diet that declare, “Fish are friends, not food”. While pledging and attending their “party”, Marlin sees the mask that fell off the boat and begins to argue with Dory about the address. Their fight ends with the mask snapping Dory’s nose and giving her a nosebleed, which causes Bruce to lose control and go into attack mode. Meanwhile, Nemo's captor places him into a fish tank in his office in Sydney, Australia. There, Nemo meets a group of aquarium fish...
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