Finding Nemo

Topics: Memory, Anterograde amnesia, Coral reef Pages: 2 (479 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Finding Nemo is a film profiling the terrifying experience of a fish named Nemo being separated from his father Marlin. Marlin and his wife Coral had their several eggs hidden. While appreciating their new home in the Great Reef Barrier, they are attacked by a barracuda. The barracuda goes after the eggs and Coral attempts to save the eggs. Marlin is knocked unconscious by the barracuda; when Marlin wakes up, Coral and all but one egg are gone. Marlin names the fish Nemo and he is very protective of him. When Nemo’s first day of school arrives, Nemo is excited, but Marlin is nervous. Nemo doesn’t listen to his father and swims away from the reef and goes towards a boat. Nemo is taken by a diver and Marlin is not able to save Nemo.

Marlin now goes on a search for his only child. Along his journey, he meets Dory. While Dory is very kind and always has a good attitude, she has short-term memory loss which often agitates Marlin. Dory joins Marlin on the search for Nemo. On their journey, they are attacked by sharks, almost killed by an anglerfish, and ride on the East Australian Current with many turtles. They also find a pair of goggles, which reads P Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney”. This is the destination where Nemo is being held. While all of this is happening to Marlin and Dory, Nemo is being held in a fish tank with numerous other sea creatures. The other sea creatures warn Nemo that if he doesn’t escape soon, he will in the possession of a girl named Darla; Darla is known to not take care of her fish.

The other sea creatures in the fish tank try to devise an escape plan for Nemo. The first time it fails and Nemo almost dies. On his own, Nemo attempts to escape again and he is successful. Darla walks in at the same time of Nemo’s escape. Nemo plays dead so Darla doesn’t take him, but Marlin ironically arrives at the same time and believes Nemo is dead. Marlin is obviously saddened by his Nemo’s apparent death; he leaves Dory and heads home. Dory...
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