Finding My Father: A Short Story

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  • Published : October 5, 2011
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It was tea-time. Jason’s eyes were glued to the television set. The sounds from blasting speakers reverberated through the four walls of the living room. “Jason...” a familiar voice sounded. The television screen went blank. The speakers turned off. It was complete silence for a few seconds. Wondering what happened, Jason looked up. True enough, it was his mother, the same female that had given him life 19 years ago. In her hand was the television remote control. However there was something strange about her that day. Not the usual cheerful face he had been seeing for the past few years. Her eyes were puffed up and tears welled up in her eyes. “Jason,” she continued “I have to tell you something. I have come to this decision after much careful thought. I believe that it is time that I tell you this.” By this time, Jason was anxiously awaiting the piece of news. He fidgeted nervously around in his seat at the thought of the possible things that could happen. However, one thing was for sure. The news was not going to be so sweet after all. Then, at last, Jason’s mother broke the silence. By then, tears were trickling down her cheeks. “You father whom you thought was dead actually dead. Your paternal grandma was the last one to hear from him...before he disappeared.” She said in between sobs. Hearing this piece of news, Jason’s eyes widened and jaws dropped. On one hand, he was elated that he had a father but on the other hand, he wondered how on Earth he was going to find him. That very instant, a wonderful idea popped up in his head. “Why don’t I ask granny, since she was the last one who saw him?”

Dashing across the living room, he finally arrived in the kitchen. Granny was living in her own world of work. Oblivious to the surrounding, she carried on washing the dishes for lunch. She was about 70 years of age and had loose flesh hanging from her hands, together with a pair of 1960 spectacles. Whistling, he finally caught her...
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