Finding Identity

Topics: Person, Personality psychology, Self Pages: 3 (917 words) Published: April 13, 2011
Identity is one aspect of a human that makes one different from everyone else. This is the essential core of all humans. Each person is born in his own country and with his own unique and personal identity. However, as each one grows, his or her identity is consistently changing. What would happen if these factors created no distinction between one another? Would there be a clear contrast between people, or would everyone just be identical? It is evident that if there was no personal identity, then everyone would be the same and there would be no contrast or distinction between people. In Leila Ahmed’s “On becoming an Arab,” Jean Twenge’s “An Army of One: Me,” and Andrew Bacevich’s “When I Woke Up Tuesday Morning, It Was Friday,” each author discusses aspects of one’s identity. To Ahmed……, Andrew Bacevich explains the problems that America is having with foreign goods and oil, and how President Carter deals with the situation. To Twenge, the influence of education teaching self-esteem has created a lower educational standards and a raise of narcissism in a person. A person’s personal identity is formed and affected by their influence with their surroundings and the events that occur in their life. One’s history if his or her country is important so he knows his own identity. However, with the want to be someone your not and the necessity to always change to fit in, the uniqueness of one’s personal identity is being altered, and the relevance to his country becomes less and less important.

People form their identity based upon the values and cultures of their country. The way an individual is brought up and taught reflects upon the person he is. An important component of a person’s character is their ability to express themselves. While discussing the nature of language, Twenge states, “We speak the language of the self as our native tongue” (Twenge 760). Twenge is arguing that the people display their true self as the “native tongue.” People...
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