Finding Freedom

Topics: John Locke, Political philosophy, Free will Pages: 4 (1281 words) Published: January 19, 2013
Running head: Finding freedom

Finding Freedom: What it is and what it's not
Keith D. Griffin
SOC. 100 – 12/07/2012
Professor Sandra R. Nyce MSW
Finding freedom


Human freedom could very well be the most controversial topic in our society. To some, human freedom is the freedom to be educated, to work and provide financially for yourself and your family. The freedom to drive a motor vehicle. To vote for the president you truly believe in. To move about freely from one city, state, country or continent to another. In this report, I will investigate the perceived legitimacy of these freedoms, amongst others, and expose the variations in the definition of this word “freedom.” Finding freedom

Many aspects of life come to mind when one is brought the question, “are you free?” The average person would say yes, they are. But, what does free actually mean? Most would say the ability to choose from any option dictating their personal future. But, there is a contingency to every decision we make and every freedom or option we have. We all want to make our own choices and decide which direction we want our life to go in, but that comes with a price. That price could very likely be one that we may not be willing to pay. Is that actually freedom? In order to take advantage of the freedom to drive an automobile, you must first pass a written test. Following the written test, you are required to pass a road test and pay the fees to become a licensed driver. Not to mention that you must have current insurance to even drive a vehicle after you've done all these things. With that said, you have the freedom to operate a motor vehicle, but you don’t have the freedom to do so without first successfully completing the aforementioned steps. The United States boasts the fact that all of its citizens have the freedom to travel freely, both within and outside of its borders. Of course there is a contingency. They must know where you are going and for how long as...
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