Finding Forrester

Topics: Education, Emotion, Feeling Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: October 15, 2011
Forrester tells Jamal: “Just keep in mind that bitterly disappointed teachers can be either effective or very dangerous.” Do you agree? Explain.

A teacher is someone that burns like a candle to kindle and enlighten a student’s path and horizon. Teachers work tremendously hard to facilitate student learning. I do definitely agree that disappointed teachers can be either very effective or very dangerous. They are dangerous in the sense that they might jeopardise a student’s standing at a school. For the instance, they can negatively affect a student’s grades and thus leading to a drastic academic drop. Subsequently, this will lead to a particularly appalling relationship between the student and the teacher. Furthermore, the student could feel rather demoralised and perhaps diffident. On the contrary, teachers are generally viewed by students as being role models, and hence they can have an influence on how a student’s personality is constructed and shaped during their adolescence. In addition, a teacher’s demeanour can affect a student’s will. Therefore, if that attitude is negative, it will deter students, thus making them rather reluctant about learning. Teachers can also affect the way a student feels during a lesson. Moreover, if the teacher is disappointed with one particular student, that student could feel uncomfortable and this will perhaps make a recluse of that student. This could be due to the lack of attention, recognition or communication during that teacher’s lesson. Additionally, teachers can also be effective by wearing the formal face, so to speak. They will tend to be rather instructive with students. On the other hand, they can make test scores higher by setting harder and more difficult tests. That in turn will make students thrive and study more by maintaining a higher level or perseverance. Ultimately, the bottom line is that teachers should maintain a level of professionalism with their students, whether they’re disappointed or feeling...
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