Finding Forrester

Topics: Intelligence, Intellectual giftedness, Basketball Pages: 2 (710 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Finding Forrester
As we all go through life, things may happen during our lives, big or small, that can affect yourself or others in different ways. In Finding Forrester an average sixteen year old boy is going through his life with some obstacles, and he carries them through very well. He is a very intelligent and gifted student that was helped along the way and as well as helping another person on their way too.

Jamal Wallace, coming from the playground on the streets, gets accepted to attend Mailor- Callow, not only for his skills on the basketball court, but also for being a gifted student. Jamal loves to write and read books, but never has any serious help in that area. While just going along with his life as the average student, he is very talented on the basketball court-Until he meets an older man by the name of William Forrester. William is a very talented writer who is famous, but hiding from the world.

William Forrester is a man hidden from the world just as Jamal’s intellectually gifted ability was. William’s a well-known professional writer, but does not get out or publish books anymore. He stays hidden and away from the world as much as possible; and doesn’t want anybody to know where he lives or that he is still around, as he likes to stay recluse. But Jamal comes along, it all changes slowly but surely.

William and Jamal come together by writing when William helps him out at random with a paper and notes of William. So William did help with Jamal’s work and writing under certain circumstances. Jamal is not to let anybody know where Forrester lives or to ask questions about his personal life. They learn a lot from one another from writing and proof reading, yet being two opposite people.

Jamal and William grow closer together through time and Jamal talks William into going out with him to a basketball game since he has not been out in so long, but William has an anxiety attack from this. So they leave and Jamal takes him to the...
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