Finding Forrester

Topics: Discrimination, Affirmative action, Gus Van Sant Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: September 7, 2012
What's point of finding Forrester? The movie is about Pulitzer Prize Winner author

William Forrester and a black teenage boy, Jamal Wallace from Bronx. Shows human

kind, friendship does not have an age barrier. Talent needs to be recognized without

stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination, people should not be judged from their

color and where their come from. It teaches teenagers to channel their

frustration in positive manner. Every citizen has the right for equal opportunity.

The movie is good example how two individual from different age group and ethic group develops friendship. In the movie both character came together as friends, on one common ground, that's literature. They began to trust each as spent more time discussing, reading and writing literature. Through that started to share more personal detail about themselves and both of the character helped each other to overcome challenges that they face in life. Friendship should not have boundaries it should be based on common interest and age should not be a factor.

Talents need to be recognized without stereotyping, prejudice or discrimination. In the movie the teenage boy had a hard time proofing himself as good writer, he's been told he can't be a good writer because he's from Bronx, this clearly portrays stereotyping and prejudice by his English teacher. He's been discriminated by his friends, they ignored him, just because he was smart. The teenage boy has hard time making friends with his own kind, the was told he not the same as them because he's from the Bronx, this is stereotyping and discrimination. Overall the he was judged by, where he came from and his color, and not what he has to offer to the school and the community.

In this movie, the teenage boy shows how he channeled his frustration into positive activities. This movie shows the teenagers there's positive outlet to relief their frustration. In the movie the teenage boy, started to read, write and play...
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