Finding Beauty

Topics: Classical music, Performance, Violin Pages: 3 (1098 words) Published: March 11, 2013
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Finding Beauty In the rush of a morning workday, do they lose themselves to keep up with the speed of others' pace? What are they thinking about while walking in the street? Do they have a heart of finding the beauty around them? Do they care about the things happening around them? It is these questions that would be examined by an experiment organized by the Washington in the street. A brilliant classical musician in the world, called Joshua Bell, dressed up into a street musician and performed a couple of music with his violin outside the exit of subway station. During the performance, nearly one thousand people passed by. However, almost all of them don't seem to care about what happened and just walked with a mind thinking about other things. Among these people, some of them were interviewed. Surprisingly, a majority of them did not pay attention to the musician and so did music. Some people gave a couple of bucks and went away. Very little of them can completely appreciate the music performed by Bell. In all, beauty is just around them and they just lose the eye of finding it. Pearls before Breakfast is well organized. To begin with, the author describe a scene happening outside the Metro which draw the interest of readers. Gradually, the purpose is revealed which is whether beauty would be found in a banal setting at rush time. To get this goal, this special experiment is arranged. Before an experiment, a reasonable assumption is necessary greatly because it can give a specific direction and make leader more clear. To

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attain a perfect outcome, the author devote a lot of words to describing Joshua Bell who he is, his character and the relationship between he and his violin. At the same time, the violin is of great importance for musician which is also written slightly to prove this performance is significant. However, people are not...
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