Finding an Alternative Manager

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  • Published : December 23, 2012
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• • • A major survey of job satisfaction in 18 months’ time: badly managed project. Low morale of team members and slow progress on the project. Only 14 months to finish the project. Replace current manager: Ryan Douglas.

To find an alternative manager who can: • • • Finish the project before deadline. Have the right management style. Work under high pressure to complete various stages of the work.

Elliot New Business Manager
Strengths: • • • Leadership: give clear instructions – be decisive. Punctuality: reach targets by deadline. Kindness: be loyal and fair to staff.

Weaknesses: • • Irritability: be a bit impatient at times. Dictatorship: like to tell others what to do.

Janet Manager in Computer Services
Strengths: • • • Teamwork spirit: discuss all problems with staff and decide them together. Good nature: be a warm, patient listener. Decisiveness: be adamant when making decisions.

Weaknesses: • Sociability: enjoy meetings and try to please everyone.

Anna Transport Manager
Strengths: • • Productivity: be hardworking, ambitious to reach goals and succeed. Encouragement: like to offer staff incentives and competitions.

Weaknesses: • • Negligence: discourage appraisal interviews. Dictatorship: like to order and be tough, bossy.

Koichi Sales Director – Europe
Strengths: • Assiduity: be serious at work and very hardworking, even at weekends to meet targets. • Practicability: set realistic goals and want staff to feel ashamed if they don’t get things done. Weaknesses: • • Discouragement: not allow arguments. Inconvenience: hold lots of meetings without time limit.

1. • • • • The most suitable is Mr. KOICHI - Sales Director – Europe. His advantages are: Hard working can handle a huge workload Patient work with staff Democratic work with multinational staff Professional solve problems, set and achieve goal effectively

2. Mr. Eliot – New Business Manager. His...
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