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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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Unit 6 – Find Secondary Sources
Shannon Harris
Kaplan University

Prof: Susanne Kinsella
November 8th, 2012

1. Jay Zitter, Annotation, Liability of Owner, Operator, or Other Parties, for Personal Injuries Allegedly Resulting From Snow or Ice on Premises of Parking Lot, 74 A.L.R. 5th 49 (1999). This article refers to how dangerous conditions can be in a parking lot during the winter months. It also explains that enticing potential customers to stores by mall owners or the stores does not exclude them from being liable if a customer becomes injured. The article refers to several other cases that involve slip and fall cases throughout the United States. 2. 62A Am. Jur. 2d Premises Liability § 527 (2012).

This article outlines how a store is responsible to ensure that it keeps its aisles and walkways clean. It states that a store is to know it will be liable for any customer that slips and falls on any substance that may be on the floor. Rather it be from a soda fountain to liquid substances that have been spilled from a food demonstrator. It also refers to an Idaho case that a customer slipped on some melted ice cream from a food demonstrator that was demoing ice cream. 3. H.D. Warren, Liability of Owner or Occupier of Premises Other Than Store or Shop for Personal Injury to Another Due to Slippery Condition of Floor, 118 A.L.R. 425 (1939). The first two sections of this article provide information that will apply to our case as far as they refer to duty and liability. It breaks down who is responsible to maintain floors and the condition of the floors either by the owner, occupier, or a third party. It also states that an occupier of the structure must use reasonable attention to their surroundings and the structure must also notify the customers or occupiers of any hazards that may around or in the structure. This article also refers to several cases that back up this article.
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