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EDU and .GOV Siphon
Objective: Get backlinks from heavily-weighted .EDU and .GOV blogs which are typically not easy to get links from. Use the search strings provided below to easily find available blogs which allow you to get links, then make a relevant post and include your link and/or keyword linked URL. Main benefit (Traffic or SEO): SEO Estimated Cost: Free Estimated Time Required: Can get started getting links in minutes and scale up from there. Tip: Do NOT use automation software to make comments. Make sure you leave relevant comments. Process: The manual process is described below. You can use the private Traffic Siphon tool below to automate the process of finding these sites:

1. Find .EDU and .GOV blogs where you can get links. Use the following search strings but where it says “keyword phrase” be sure to change that to one of the keywords relating to your blog or website, leaving it inside quotation marks.

“keyword phrase”+inurl:blog “keyword phrase”+inurl:blog inurl:blog Copyright 2010

“keyword phrase””submit site””submit your site””add url” inurl:blog “keyword” “comment” site:gov – ”you must be logged in” -”comment closed” site:edu – ”you must be logged in” -”comment closed” 2. Search and sift through the results to find sites that allow comments on their blogs. This shows that other people are successfully using this strategy and to go ahead and add your comment and link to your website. 3. Build your list of websites that you could comment on (or outsource this) to create a database of .EDU and .GOV backlinks you can use. 4. Comment on these blogs. Be informed, be kind, and stay on topic. Doing a couple minutes of research and posting relevant helpful information will increase your success tenfold. At the very least, put some thought into a contextual...
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