Find an Example Online of a Graph

Topics: United States, Health care, Analytic geometry Pages: 1 (336 words) Published: July 22, 2011
Find an example online of a graph used in real-life (include the link that goes directly to the webpage with the graph).  Describe at least one mathematical feature of the graph (e.g. shape, slope, coordinates, axes, quadrants, etc.) and how the feature/graph can help us to analyze the real-life situation.

Graph for Health Care Spending

In this link, there are several graphs from various perspectives regarding Health Care Spending in the United States and some selected OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries for the year of 2008. I would like to concentrate on Exhibit 2 (the second graph on the link). The X-axis represents GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per captia in U.S. Dollars, Y-axis is for per capita health spending in U.S. Dollar. On the graph there shows several square dots representing per capita Health Spending v.s. GDP per capita on different countries, blue dots for OECD countries, orange dot for USA. The blue dots approximately form a straight line which indicates per capita health spending is proportional to the country's GDP per capita. However USA is so much deviated from the line. On this graph, if the dot is deviated from the line and shown on the upper left area it means the country is not so reach yet health spending is very high. If the dot is deviated from the line and shown on the lower right area it means the country is very rich but they do not spend much in health care. This graph is pointing out the fact that in USA, health spending per person is very much over what it should be, judged by GDP per person, among many well developed countries in the world. Hence it is worthy of an investigation on how it happens? Are we wasting too much of health care resources? How can we find remedies in solving the problems and reduce health spending?
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