Financial Statements Paper

Topics: DISC assessment, Personality psychology, Psychology Pages: 4 (1129 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Financial Statements Paper

Aja Raineri, Andrew Tondre, Mina Parvinchi, Tracy Treadwell, Mildred Treadwell


July 26, 2010
Dr. Aaron Cuevas

DISC Platinum Rule Assessment

In today’s organizations behavioral styles plays an important factor in the workplace. Behavioral styles differ according to different types of cultures and people blending in the workplace. In Team B, each member examines his or her own behavioral style. The team consists of four behavioral styles; each member has a different style with the exception of Mina and Tracy both are dominance styles, Andrew is interactive style, Aja is a split between steady and interactive style, and Pam is cautious style. In this paper each member will explain, his or her behavioral style, and the effects of his or her behavioral style on the team according to the individual DISC Platinum Assessment report. Pam Cautious Style

Cautious (The Master-Minder)
As a cautious team member the traits of asking questions concerning an assignment is true of Pam. For example, when the team receives a team assignment she wants specific details of the requirements, and asks questions until it is clear. However, this helps the team because the team knows exactly what the instructor is asking of the assignment. Another example she is task oriented. During the Monday class, the team will decide on who will do what pertaining to the team assignment and when to have it ready for team review. On Tuesday, she will send an e-mail to each team member reminding everyone of the upcoming team and individual assignment due the following week and reminders throughout the week. While sending an e-mail to each member is indirect; Pam strives ensure each member is accountable for his or her part of the team assignment. Her style works with the dynamics of the team members as she can display her strength in organization, and task orientation and permit other team members to contribute and make up...
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