Financial Statement Analysis of Ford and Microsoft Company

Topics: Financial ratio, Stock, Stock market Pages: 4 (798 words) Published: December 19, 2011

Department:Post Graduate Center
Course Name:Mater in Finance and Banking
Commence Date:Week 2
Deadline Date:Week 4
Unit Controller : Diep Mounin
Examiner : Diep Mounin
Contact Number:(+855)12 380 812


1. This is a Group Assignment consisting of THREE (3) members.

2. This Assignment will contribute twenty percent (30%) to the total marks of this module.

3. Use Harvard referencing system to quote the sources of your research.

4. This Assignment consists of one (1) project paper. Some research has to be done to accomplish the assignment.

1. Read the Data Case below carefully and do what the instruction 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 suggest. 2. Collect each task you have done and organize them into a report for the Vice President of Equity to monitor. 3. The structure and flow of your paper should be well-planned and thought of. There must be a logical flow or build-up in your paper. The assembled contents or facts should not appear to be fragmented. 4. Your paper could include graphs, charts, pictures, flowcharts and/or tables to illustrate your facts. 5. The font size is 12, using ‘Arial’ typeface.

Data Case

This is your second interview with a prestigious brokerage firm for a job as an equity analyst. You survived the morning interviews with the department manager and the Vice President of Equity. Everything has gone so well that they want to test your ability as an analyst. You are seated in a room with a computer and a lost with the names of two companies—Ford (F) and Microsoft (MSFT). You have 90 minutes to complete the following tasks: 1. Download the annual income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements for the last four fiscal years from MarketWatch ( Enter each company’s stock symbol and then go to “financials.” Export...
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