Financial Statement Analysis of Beximco Pharma

Topics: Balance sheet, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Financial statements Pages: 11 (1809 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Department of Finance
University of Dhak

financial statement
prepared by pubali bank ltd.

Prepared For:

D.H.M. Mosarof Hosain
Associate Professor
Department of finance
University of Dhaka

Prepared By:

SL.No.| Members’ Name| ID. No| 01| MD.tanvir-ul-islam| 16-157|
02| Muhammad Shamim Hossain| 16-151|
03| Mahmud Hasan Sarker| 16-155|
04| MD. Omar Ali| 16-153|
05| Shohag| 16-159|

BBA-16th Batch
Section: A
Department of Finance University of Dhaka.

Submission date: 04May 2010

Letter of Transmission

MAY 04, 2010

H.M. Mosarof Hosain
Course instructor
Financial Accounting-1
Department of finance
University of Dhaka

Dear Sir

The Letter of Transmission

Here is the report on the observational study on PUBALI BANK LTD in response to the subject you have given us to prepare a report.

We would like to say that this report was helpful for us to know about the financial statement prepared by a bank practically. We are very thankful to you for giving us such a wonderful opportunity of widening our knowledge from the pages of our book to the field of practice.

You will be happy to know that, we have tried our best to make this report more & more informative and factual. If you should need any assistance in interpreting this report, please contact us at

Sincerely Yours,

Muhammad Shamim Hossain
ID: 151, Section – A
First year first semester
16th batch
Department of finance
University of Dhaka


We are thankful and grateful to Almighty Allah who gives us opportunity to make a report on
Financial statement prepared by pubali bank ltd. We are grateful to our course instructor D.H.M Mosarof Hosain. He has given all kinds of help required to complete this report.

We are also grateful to Nitish Kumar Roy, Assistant general manager, credit division, pubali bank ltd who helped us to collect essential information about financial statement.
We are also thankful to all who give us suggestion and interaction.

The presentation of this report is of a great expectation in our BBA program and we are quite happy to submit it duly applying that we think should have to be included. Theoretical knowledge should be valued when it is successfully applied in practical field. In this respect, we found this report a great opportunity to deal with financial statement prepared by a bank.

So eventually we express special thanks from the bottom of our heart to all who help us directly & indirectly to complete this term paper.

Table of contents

Topics| Page numbers|
Executive summary| |
Chapter one 1.introduction of the report 2.origin of the report 3.objective of the report | | Chapter two1.concept of financial statement2.objective of financial statement3.types of financial statement5.ratios made from financial statement| | Chapter three1. Overview of Pubali Bank statement of PBL4.other financial statements of statement ratios of PBL6.highlights of the financial statement of PBL| | Chapter four1.conclusion2.biblography3.appendixes| |

Executive summary

The students of BBA programme under the department of Finance of the University of Dhaka have to submit a report on the study of their every course to make a relationship between the text study and the practical field.

In consistent with that we prepare a report on Financial Statement prepared by Pubali bank limited in...
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