Financial Statement Analysis of Bata Pakistan from 2005-2010

Topics: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Balance sheet, Asset Pages: 16 (6183 words) Published: December 1, 2012
Running head: Financial Statement Analysis of Bata Pakistan

“Bata Pakistan”; Financial Statement Analysis
From 2005 to 2010
Anum Fatima
Section: B
Lahore School of Economics

This report is submitted as partial requirement for Financial Statement Analysis of Pakistani Companies to Dr Farooq Chaudhry Abstract
This paper does an in depth analysis of Bata Pakistan Limited. It includes a brief summary of accounting policies and standards of the company. The analysis revolves around financial statements, their horizontal and vertical analysis. It also includes a detailed analysis of different financial ratios to measure different aspects of the company’s performance. Weighted average cost of capital is calculated on the basis of which intrinsic value of the stock is calculated. It also includes analysis of economic value added and Du Pont.

Bata Pakistan is a public limited company and it is listed on Lahore and Karachi stock exchange. The main office of the company is at Batapur, Lahore. This company manufactures all kinds of footwear with accessories sells them at its outlets. Sales are both local and export The parent company is Bafin B.V., Netherlands whereas above it is Compass Limited, Bermuda. The financial data disclosed in the annual report has been prepared in accordance with IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) stated by International Accounting Standards Board. These standards are applied under the Companies Ordinance of 1984. The company made some amendments to account standards; some of them are effective whereas some of them will be effective in the near future. According the company’s opinion, these amendments didn’t have a significant effect on their financial statements. The financial statements follow the principle of historical cost rather than the fair value concept except some employee benefits whose details will be discussed later. All statements except the statement of cash flow are recorded at accrual basis. After giving a brief summary of accounting policies there is an in depth analysis of company’s financial statements, company’s valuation and then recommendations based on that analysis. Accounting Policies

Employee benefits are calculated through the defined benefit plan. A defined benefit plan basically involves a determined amount of gratuity dependent on factors like age, years of service, compensation etc. the company has an unfunded gratuity scheme for all employee excepting management. The provision for employees which are also the member of provident fund is calculated on the basis on 3 weeks basic salary for every year of service whereas for employees which are not the members of the provident fund it is calculated on the basis of 30 days gross highest salaries/wages. The actuarial gains and losses are recognized as per defined in IAS 19 over the expected average remaining working life of the employee. The company also operates provident fund scheme in which equal monthly contributions by the company and the employee at the rates of 8% and 10% are made to the employee and managerial staff respectively. The current taxation is calculated on the taxable income from local sales at the present tax rate after accounting for the tax credits, rebates or exemptions if any. Deferred tax is calculated by using balance sheet liability method for all temporary differences between tax bases of assets and liabilities. The carrying amount of deferred income tax asset is revised at each balance sheet date. Deferred tax assets and liabilities are measured at the tax rates that are expected to apply to the period when the liability is calculated on the basis of tax rates applicable on the balance sheet dates. Revenues, expenses and assets are recognized net of sales except when sales tax is recognized as part of cost of acquisition of asset and when receivables and payables include the amount of tax. Property plant and equipment are reported at cost minus...
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