Financial Stakeholders

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Financial Stakeholders/Non-Financial Stakeholders
At PepsiCo, there are a number of financial stakeholders which include the likes of; stockholders (shareholders), Board of Directors, employees, managers, suppliers, and the government. The government is listed as a financial stakeholder because of the salaries of the large number of individuals who are employed by PepsiCo. This puts the government in the category of financial stakeholder because of the great amount of taxes from the business and number of employees who will not need the assistance of the government to function. Non-financial stakeholders include; consumers, local community, and business and financial analyst. Economic/Non-Economic Business Decisions

Over a numbers PepsiCo was able to acquire quite a few other giants in the beverage and food sectors of business such as; Frito Lay, Quaker, Gator Ade, Lipton, and Tropicana. These acquisitions gave PepsiCo the opportunity to add more revenue and a bigger profile to the company. On the negative side, whenever a company acquires other companies, someone is always going to lose their job at the end of the day.

For quite a while now humanitarian aid has been a major part of the success of the PepsiCo brand. PepsiCo has been involved in a number of worldwide humanitarian aid projects to show that it more than just a brand of soft drink. Negatively there are always going to be those individuals who say that PepsiCo only takes this action to keep their name in the forefront so that they can remain prominent in the eyes of the public.
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