Financial Performance Evaluation of Union Capital Limited’

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 Executive Summary1-2
1Chapter 1-Introduction3-4
1.1               Overview of Financial Sector in Bangladesh4 1.2Emergence of Non-Bank Financial Institutions and   leasing Industry in Bangladesh4 1.3               Objective of the study5
1.4               Scope of the study5
1.5               Methodology5
1.6               Limitation6
2Chapter 2- Organizational Overview
2.1              Introduction and major events7
2.3              Management Structure/ hierarchy7-8 2.4              Functional Department of UCL9-11
2.5              Product/ Service Offerings11-14
2.6              Sources of Fund & Disbursement of Fund14 2.7              Feature of lease finance by UCL15
2.8              Lease Operational Procedure16
2.9              Some Special Issues17
2.10              Future Plan17
3Chapter 3- Policy and Strategy Guideline18-34
4Chapter 4-Project
4.1            Summary35
4.2           Description of the report-35
4.2.1                    Objective of the project25 4.2.2                    Methodology & Limitation35 4.3          Performance Analysis Of UCL36
4.3.1                   Financial Performance at a glance36 4.3.2                   Sector Wise Financial Position36-37 4.3.3                   Sector Wise Investment Mix38 4.3.4                  Recovery rate of Lease finance38 4.3.5                  Intra Company Analysis (Horizontally and Vertically )39-44 4.3.6                  Inter Company Analysis ( Comparative Ratio Analysis)44-54 4.4          Results and discussion54

5Chapter 555
5.1          Recommendations55
5.2          Conclusion55
Executive Summary
The report titled as ‘Financial Performance Evaluation of Union Capital Limited’ is discussed about the position of the company, Union Capital Limited (hereafter UCL) at the specified period. For ease of understanding, the report is segmented into four parts. In the first part contains background of the report, objectives, scope, methodology and limitations of the report. Next part of the report demonstrated the profile of the company. The third part contains Policy and strategy guidelines that UCL follow and a case study of a client that availed lease finance facility from UCL. The fourth part, main part of the Report, named ‘project’ contains details about the financial performance of the firm. At the last part, we have tried to find out the facts from the organization.

Non-Bank Financial Institutions is new form of financial institutions, the functions of such institutions are relatively new and challenging compared with the conventional banks. Leasing is one of the main concentrations of these firms. And the function and operation of leasing closely resemble with the academic aspects of finance. Therefore, in doing term paper at such leasing institutions it would be benefited for such student who came from finance background. This report is based on mainly on the experience and academic knowledge.

At the beginning of the report, there are some prefaces about the report, such as objectives, scope, methodology and limitations. Then we have discussed about Organization, Union Capital Limited, where we have tried to give an idea about UCL which includes overview of UCL, history, its functional department with their function, importantly its products and service offering to us, sources of fund, and disbursement of funds, lease operational procedure, required documents for lease, some major events, future plan, Policy and strategy and a case study.

After that, project part of the report has been articulated. Importantly in this section we have tried to evaluate the performance of UCL, simply it can be said that an analytical assessment of UCL. Here, we have tried to analyze mainly from two points of view, which are- Intra Company Analysis, and Intercompany analysis. Income...
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