Financial Management Syllabus

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FINC 635 (Financial Management for Non-Business Majors) Syllabus Fall 2012

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Course Description

This is an ON-LINE course designed to introduce financial concepts that are integral to everyday business decisions. Please note that there will be NO in-class LECTURES. All lecture notes are online. All homework and exams are submitted online. An orientation session will be offered at the beginning of the semester and a review session will be given before each of the four exams. There may be extra review or help sessions for homework problems during the semester. My teaching assistant and I will answer your questions by email and/or in person if you visit office hours. If you find the format of an online course disagreeable, please withdraw from the course immediately.

The course provides an introductory conceptual framework of financial management. Topics include time value of money, risk and return, bond and stock valuation, cost of capital, basics of capital budgeting, and using financial statements to conduct basic analysis. You will find many of the concepts covered useful in various business aspects including your personal finances.


Accounting 640 or equivalent. A basic understanding of financial statements and accounting techniques is required to take this course.

Required Materials

(1) A package of the book "Fundamentals of Corporate Finance" by Berk, DeMarzo, and Harford (2nd edition, Pearson) PLUS access to MyFinanceLab (an online tutorial and homework system) is required. The ISBN for the package is 9781256045076. Once obtaining the access to MyFinanceLab, you also need to register on the for our course, " FINC635 - Spring 2012" before you can access homework and other course materials. Please follow the instructions on how to register in "F635_register_MyFinanceLab", a Word file posted on our class website on eLearning (i.e., Blackboard,

I have created a customized version that includes 17 chapters only and hence is much less expensive than the full version. You have three options: (A) Buy the aforementioned customized book package at a local bookstore; (B) Buy the electronic version of the full text (eText) with students’ access to MyFinanceLab at, or through MyFinanceLab; (C) Buy a hardcover full version of the textbook with access to MyFinanceLab on Amazon. Option (C) will be most expensive, but you will have a complete, hardcover reference book on hand in the future. However, please make sure the book will be shipped in time for you to start reading the first two chapters and finish the first homework due near the beginning of the second week of our class.

(2) A financial calculator is required. The exams will require you to quickly solve cash flow problems that some expensive engineering calculators are not designed to handle. Your calculator must be capable of solving for (1) PV, (2) FV, (3) PMT, (4) I (or I/YR), (5) N, (6) NPV, (7) IRR, (8) square root, and (9) yx . Sharing calculators during an exam is prohibited. Know how to set your calculator to 4 decimal places and to one payment per period. If you use a financial calculator for the course, you are responsible for reading the calculator's manual and the portion of the textbook (in texts and appendices) related to calculator functions to become proficient in using the calculator.

(3) Access to Microsoft Excel: Our textbook and lecture notes discuss relevant Excel functions. Please be familiar with the Excel functions before exams. Sharing...
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