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Running head: “MARKETING PLAN”

“Electronic Connection”
Marketing Plan
Strayer University
Jonnetta Phillips
Week Assignment #2

MKT 500
Dr. Benjamin Bao, Instructor
May 4, 2011

Executive Summary
Our vision and strategic focus on adding value to our target market segments, the small business and high-end home office users, in our local market. Electronic Connection will change its focus to differentiate itself from box pushers and improve the business by filling the real need of small businesses and high-end home offices for reliable information technology including hardware, software, and all related services. Our marketing challenge is to position our product and service offerings as the high-quality, high-value add alternative to box pushing in a vacuum. (Scribd, 2011)

Table of Contents
Executive Summary2
Mission Statement5
Market Segment6
Target Segment7
SWOT Analysis7
Market Position9
Product Description10

I have chosen this topic because the technology industry is growing everyday. Technology is growing over seas and growing in the United States. The electronic market is growing so rapidly. My company competitor advantage is that it will provide all your needs for your electronics. Electronic Connection will provide the latest electronics from computers, laptops, programs and all the accessories you need for a computer or laptop. Our experienced sales and service department will provide exceptional support for their electronics needs. Our team of professionals will provide great service and will provide great advice for our customers. Will provide repairs for their computers and laptops and all the accessories to make their computers and laptops work.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide exceptional quality and service in the electronics industry, thus, providing a quality product that will enrich the lives of our customers and communities alike. We will operate ethically and will strive to treat our fellow employees with respect and dignity. Also, we will value their contributions to the company.

Electronic Connection
I have chosen niche marketing segment. Iacobucci identifies that niche marketing is a type of segmentation in which the company strategically focuses, targeting smaller market with particular needs that the company can serve well. (Iacobucci, 2010) All that really means product or service is being sold to the people who are most interested in that particular product or service and not to the world in general. Electronic Connection will be selling and providing service to those that have interest and the need for electronics and their accessories. Also that one that outstanding service were if they have any concerns they know the employees at Electronic Connection will provide that service. One thing that attracted me to niche marketing is that my advertising budget will go further than mass marketing. It costs less to advertise to a specialized market that it does to advertise to a broader market. Electronic Connection will offer experienced service and products to those that are interested in our particular products and services. Our mission is to provide exceptional quality and service in the electronic industry, thus, providing quality products that will enrich the lives of our customers and communities alike. Niche marketing focuses on smaller markets with particular needs and Electronic Connection mission is to focus on the smaller markets that will need our products and services. Electronic Connection focus will be the smaller market that is why the niche marketing is the best marketing strategy for my company. Niche marketing is the marketing segment that will identify our products at Electronic...
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