Financial Management

Topics: Discounted cash flow, Time value of money, Net present value Pages: 72 (21892 words) Published: February 6, 2013
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Financial Management 5e
Principles & Practices

By Timothy Gallagher Colorado State University

3 things about Gallagher 5e
1. Complete coverage of recent financial crises\great recession 2. Review of systematic risk and “too big to fail” concepts 3. Best value proposition on the market (see quote on backside)

3 things about Textbook Media Press*
1. Proven content from trusted authors since 2004 2. Unique student options (online; desktop-PDF; paperback; iPhone) 3. Uniquely affordable prices For Instructors Instructor’s Manual Solutions Manual Computerized Test Bank PowerPoint Lecture Slides (Distributed on a Compact Disk)

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Financial Management

Side 2

Endorsement: “I just had to let you know what a big fan I am of Gallagher's Financial Management: Principles and Practices. In the world of finance texts I have found either books that present material an MBA may have trouble digesting, or some that are so watered down they insult the students' intelligence. And believe me I have used all of the biggest selling finance texts over the years. Gallagher has a knack for presenting difficult concepts in a clear and straightforward manner without compromising the rigorous standards I have for my students. And all this in your low-cost format? Amazing! I just can't say enough. You've got to get the word out about this book!” -Susan C. Myrick; Professor of Business Community College of Allegheny County Updates Include:     Completely updated to include developments/lessons from the recent financial crisis/great recession Review of systematic risk and “too big to fail” concepts Coverage includes auto industry; AIG; Fannie/Freddie Mac; Merrill Lynch New for Spring 2010: online self-scoring quizzes via StudyUpGrades

From the author: “What distinguishes our book is our consistent emphasis on value; what creates it; what destroys it; how value is measured; and how value and risk are related. In doing so we maximize the value of the finance course to the student.” 3 FAQ’s about Textbook Media: I’ve never heard of Textbook Media... We formerly published as Freeload Press. To celebrate our 5th year in business, we rebranded in 2009 as Textbook Media to emphasize the increased number of student options that are now available. The publishers who founded the business have been in college publishing since 1980 and have published textbooks for Irwin, McGraw Hill and Houghton Mifflin. I don’t want to have to provide software support...What program is does the online book use ? The online book is served up using Silverlight, a Microsoft product that’s commonly-used rich media application used by companies like Netflix. Most of your students may already have it. If not, it’s free and fast download from Microsoft. The software behind the book is supported by Microsoft; the online book experience is supported by our customer service staff. How do I review the book and or request a desk copy? Register at the site to review online immediately. Or we’ll register you and then send you a follow up e-mail with your registration information and a online book in your account. If you like what you see with the online review, awe can then send you a paperback desk copy.

Here’s a partial list of colleges/universities who used the 4th edition of Gallagher: Cal State U - Dominguez Hills California State University, Sacramento University of the Pacific Colorado State University Fort Lewis College George Washington University...
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