Financial Management

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Introduction :

Finance is regarded as the life blood of a business enterprise. Finance is one of the basic foundation of all kinds of economic activities. It is the master key which provides access to all the sources for being employed in manufacturing and trading activities. Efficient management of every business enterprise is closely linked with efficient management of finance.

In general, finance may be defined as the provision of money at the time it is needed.

Financial management may be defined as procurement of funds and their effective utilization.

This study has undertaken with some predetermined objectives like evaluate the general efficiency of business, to measure the financial solvency of the company, to use financial ratios for forecasting and planning, to facilitate decision making and to take corrective actions.

This project report makes an analysis of financial health of company under study through tools like ratio analysis.

Scope of the Study :

This study is mainly focused on the financial performance of the company. It is needed to get a clear picture of the company’s performance over the last 2 years financial periods.

Statement of the problem:

Analysis of the performance is one of the major requirements for planning. It is necessary to know where we are in comparison with the industry. It is also necessary to bridge the gap between the current and expected postposition by taking corrective measures. Ratio analysis is on of such tool available to analyze the financial performance.

Objectives of the Study :

1) To use financial ratios for forecasting and planning.

2) To take corrective actions.

3) To assess the financial health using ratio analysis.

4) It helps in decision making.

5) Helps us to compare the 4 financial period.

Research Methodology:

The data can be collected in two different ways i.e.

Through primary data

Through secondary data.

Primary data refers to the data which is original in character.

Secondary data refers to the data which is collected from the published sources.

The study was conducted using primary data through

• Director interview

• Discussion was made with finance manager of the company.

For gathering secondary data various other sources were used. They are :

• Reference Books

• Internet

• Annual reports of the company.

Industry profile:

New Holland N.V. is one of the world's leading manufacturers and distributors of agricultural equipment and a major producer of construction equipment. The company is the market leader in Europe and many parts of Latin America and Asia and ranks third in the North American tractor market. New Holland was formed through the 1991 merger of Fiat Geotech S.p.A. and Ford New Holland, Inc., both of which had grown into industry giants over nearly a century of product and sales expansion and timely acquisitions. Fiat Geotech S.P.A. continues to hold a 69 percent ownership interest in New Holland, having sold the other 31 percent in a 1996 initial public offering. New Holland currently operates 18 production sites in 24 countries, as well as 13 engineering centers around the world. More than 1.5 million New Holland machines are now engaged in agricultural and industrial work somewhere on Earth.


New Holland's roots can be traced back to 1895, when handyman Abe Zimmerman made his first feed mill at his New Holland, Pennsylvania repair shop. Zimmerman soon began making other agricultural products as well. He called his operation the New Holland Machine Company and incorporated it in 1903, the same year Henry Ford incorporated the automobile company he had started up in Detroit. Ford came out with the prototype for the world's first mass produced agricultural tractor in 1907, and ten years later the...
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