Financial Income of Actors

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Name: Nour Beiruti

Financial Income of Actors

Avatar a multi-billion dollar movie with over two and a half billion U.S dollars of sales and each actor earning close to about eighty million dollars was a box office hit watched by the whole world. The movie had such a huge success because of its actor Sam Worthington and also its actor James Cameron. To be a successful actor in the movie world, actors must have perfect memory to be able to memorize their parts. A slight problem like that could cause any actor a strike on their career. Actors should be paid more because they exert a lot of time and effort on their job, they have to act as role models for everyone and they donate a lot to the poor and needy.

Actors exert a lot of effort and time on their job to be able to play the roles needed of them. Although working hours of actors cannot be compared to that of individual people, they have more of a short term working job. “Actors do not have a 9-5 job five days a week. They don’t get to leave the office at 5, they never get to leave” indicates Seymour (2000, Para 2). While you would like to hang out with your friends to go watch a game, for an actor it might be just impossible or their career might just be on the line. For example, actor Sam Worthington who plays the hero in Avatar explains the crew had to be on set close to about fourteen hours a day, “We see the sun as we drive to work, and not again till the next morning” James Cameron explains. Actors in every possible way deserve every penny earned.

Actors have to roles models for both the media and everyone. A rational human being would always look up to a role model and such would always want to watch their role model in a movie. Seymour (2010) explains, “actors are forever in the limelight; they are supposed to be role models for us everyday folks, but we are quick to judge to judge when they make the same mistakes we do” (Para 2). Natalie Portman is an exceptional role model, with her work...
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