Financial Difficulties

Topics: Mind, Psychology, Thought Pages: 2 (769 words) Published: November 13, 2012
Finance is a huge part of our life that everybody hope to be in good financial state. However, today, more than ever before, people are struggling with financial problems. According to a research conducted by AC Nielsen and ANZ in 2005, people often display six ways of thinking considered “unhealthy” that putting people under financial pressure including ‘living for today’, ‘financial disengagement’, ‘aspirational’, ‘emotional enhancement’, ‘ownership of credit’, and ‘credit as supplementary income”. Firstly, the prominent idea is “living for today”. It means that people just think and spend for their present lives, and do not pay much attention for their future. This way of thinking has a close connection with the “ youthfulness” or the current young generation as they suppose the most important thing to fulfill the emotional life. They often to hang out for shopping or having party with their friends as there are some who think they might die tomorrow. That why they have to enjoy; and live like that day is the last day of their life. While the youth strongly represent this unhealthy thinking, family is also found in this group. For example, a mother with a low income level might think her family is never to become rich; therefore, she must enjoy the moment. One more reason, some fluctuated income people are going to spend more today as they might receive more money in the near future. Unfortunately, they might never think of being in unexpected circumstances. Take illness or the death of the family member as an example. It is likely that they are unable to handle this situation. In fact, this way of thinking definitely triggers negative effects on people’s lives in the long run; hence, people must learn the way to draw out financial plan carefully to be always in safe. Secondly, ‘financial disengagement’. Who are mentioned themselves are not kind of “financial minded” and don’t care much about their spending. They are seen as unorganized or easy going people....
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