Financial Decision Analysis

Topics: Strategic management, Investment, Finance Pages: 5 (1316 words) Published: June 6, 2011
Course CodeCourse TitleDivision of MarksDuration Of Exams
FM-301Financial Decision Analysis70301003Hrs.
FM-302Foreign Exchange Management70301003Hrs.
FM-303International Accounting70301003Hrs.
FM-304Corporate Taxation70301003Hrs.
FM-305Working Capital Management70301003Hrs.
FM-306Management of Financial Institutions70301003Hrs.
FM-307Security Analysis and Investment Management70301003Hrs.

FM-301 Financial Decision Analysis
Application of Linear Programming; Goal programming; Regression analysis and Simulation technique in Financial Decision Making Areas; Corporate Debt Capacity Management decisions; Business Failure and reorganization- Application of Multiple Discriminant analysis; Decision Tree Analysis; Capital Expenditure Decision Under Conditions of Risk and Uncertainly; Cost- Volume- Profit Analysis under conditions of Uncertainly; Sequencing of Decisions; Replacement Decisions; Mergers and Acquisitions; Takeover code; Dividend Valuation Model; Determination of the Exchange ratio; Legal and Procedural aspect of Merger Decision; Estimation and Projection of Working Capital Decisions. Suggested Reading:

1.Bierman, Harold Lease Vs: Buy Decision. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, Prentice Hall Inc., 1982. 2.Fogler, H and Ganpathy: Financial Econometric. Englewood Cliffs, Jersey, Prentice Hall Inc., 1982. 3.Levy, H. and Sarnat H.: Capital Investment and Financial Decision, Englewood Cliffs, Jersey, Prentice Hall Inc., 1982. 4.Van Horne, James C.: Financial Management and Policy, Englewood Cliffs, Jersey, Prentice Hall of India, 1997. 5.Sapirio, Edverd, Financial Decision Analysis.

FM-302 Foreign Exchange Management.
Types of Foreign Exchange Markets and Transactions, Quoting Foreign Exchange Rates, Spread, Official and Free Market Rates, Cross Currency Rates, Forward Rates, Quoting Forward Rates; Organization of the Foreign Exchange Markets, Currency Futures; Currency Options; Currency Swaps; Corporate Exposure management; Foreign Exchange Risk; Alternative Strategies for Exposure Management, Exposure Management techniques, Organization of the Exposure Management Function; Parameters and constraints on Exposure Management; Forecasting Exchange Rates: Economic Fundamentals, Financial and Socio- Political Factors, Technical Analysis; Tax Treatment of Foreign Exchange Gains and Losses. Suggested Reading:

1.Sharan: International Financial Management, Prentice Hall of India, N. Delhi. 2.Shapiro: Multinational Financial Management, Prentice Hall of India, New Delhi. 3.Paul Einzip: A Textbook on Foreign Exchange.

4.Maurice D. Levi: International Finance, McGraw Hall, N.Y. 5.Buckley: Multinational Financial, Prentice Hall of India, New Delhi. 6.Paul Roth: Mastering Foreign Exchange and Money Markets, Titman, London. FM-304 Corporate Taxation

Basic concepts of Income Tax; Residential status of a Company; computation of income under different Heads of Income, Set off and Carry forward of Losses, Deductions and Exemptions; Additional Tax on Undistributed Profits; companies Profit Surtax Act; Computation of Tax Liability; Meaning and Scope of Tax Planning and Location of Undertaking, Tax Planning regarding dividends Policy, Inter Corporate Dividends and Transfers; Tax Considerations in Respect of Specific Managerial Decision like Make of Buy, Own or Lease, Close or Continue, Sale in domestic Markets or Exports; Replacements and Managerial Remuneration. Suggested Reading:

1.Ahuja, G.K. & Gupta Ravi: Systematic Approach to Income Tax, Allahabad, Bharat Law house, 1999. 2.Iyengar, A. C.: Sampat Law of income Tax, Allahabad, Bharat house, 1981. 3.Kanga, J B and Palkhivala, New Delhi. A: income Tax, Bombay, Vol. 1-3, NM Tripathi. Ranina, H P.: Corporate Taxation: A Handbook 2nd ed., New Delhi, Oriental Law house, 1985. 4.Singhania, V K: Direct Taxes: Law and Practice, Delhi; Taxman, 1991.

FM-306 Management of Financial...
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