Financial Business Startup

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Practice Management Development Program
Preliminary Business Plan

A major responsibility for new Financial Advisors is to formulate and conduct marketing strategies to develop and enhance client relationships. These activities are normally documented through a marketing plan.

Using this document, you are asked to answer hypothetical question – if you were to be hired as a financial advisor, what would your business plan look like? How would you get the word out that you are a Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor? Who would you contact? How would you contact them? How would you tell them your story and the Merrill Lynch story?

This document will help you build a preliminary business plan. Keep an open mind as you are asked to think about all the people you touch in a typical day, as well as those people you have touched in the past. These individuals can be potential clients or be a great source of introduction to others who may need your services. Good luck!

Feel free to write your responses on a separate piece of paper.

Section 1: Your Vision

1. What is your 3-year vision for your business?

2. What are your 3-year personal financial goals?

3. Please rank order the following in terms of your greatest interest/passion to least (1=top passion/interest)

Getting New Clients
Financial Planning
Servicing Existing Clients
Following the Markets
Managing the Business Day-to-Day

4. Please describe the personal attributes you have that you believe will contribute to your success as a Financial Advisor.

5. What do you believe ML and your local Management Team can provide to you in your first 90 days in order to help you be successful?

6. Why have you chosen the Financial Services Industry? More specifically, why have you chosen ML?

Section 2: Centers of Influence

“Centers of Influence”...
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