Financial Analyst

Topics: Enron, Chartered Financial Analyst, Financial analyst Pages: 8 (2870 words) Published: May 22, 2013

Quyen Chu San
Highline Community College
English 205
Feb 4, 2012

Walking around the Phu Tho bookstore in Ho Chi Minh city, I decided to look for an interested book to bring along with me to America. Numerous questions came in my mind “What do I need? What is that book about?” Accidently, I went to the case containing full of financial and investment books. A purple small book with the phrase “Improving your financial IQ” immediately caught my attention. Twenty years of school, many of times that I have heard about IQ which stands for intelligence quotient, but this was the first time that I saw the term financial IQ. Curiously, I opened that book, looking for the definition of financial IQ. The book’s name is “Rich dad, Poor dad”, written by Robert Kiyosaki. The author refers financial IQ as the ability to earn money and protect money from internal as well as external factors. He also instructs readers how to improve the financial IQ and confirms that a better job does not make people richer, but financial IQ does. Amazingly, the book took me to a new horizon where the investments were made, and financial problems were solved. Also, the pathway that rich people went, their success and failures strongly attracted me. Without any hesitation, I bought this book, which gradually broadened my financial knowledge and led me to my dream job: financial analyst. Who are they ?

"Financial analysts expect this stock to drop in the next few weeks due to. . ." "Analysts predict a rise in this stock as long as inflation stays low. . ." Does any of this sound familiar? Probably, after all, money and the stock market are on the news nearly every night. But what about the analysts? What they say certainly is important (Financial Analysts, WOIS).” Then who are they? Generally, financial analysts are people who collect, interpret and analyze information in order to make decisions or advises. Therefore, they are very interested in starting up and carrying out a business project, which requires them a very active mind. Their brains have to be always in gear to identify and solve financial problems. Additional, they desire to take risk so as to make profit. They are attracted by data as well as details, and they feel comfortable to in work under set procedures, routines, and standards (Financial Analysts, WOIS). What they do ?

According to WOIS, Washington Occupational Information System, “Financial analysts gather information to make invest decisions.” (Financial Analyst, WOIS). They spend hours and hours to read financial reports, industry projections and economic forecasts which show them the current business movements. These, in turn, will give them numerous clues to determine the affect of the business fluctuation. For instance, the changes in pricing of stocks and bonds, the risk rate of a company… So as to be able to fulfill their duties, a strong computer skill is required. This skill is then applied thoroughly to accomplish their jobs including keeping track and analyzing information. Afterward, when all information is carefully analyzed, they start creating charts and tables to prepare the financial statements to elaborate what they have just found. Finally, communication skill should be used for report and explanation. They are satisfied and excited about their findings, and they have to spread that satisfaction and excitement to their clients who need their creditable advises. Where they work ?

Typically, the image of financial analysts is people in neat suits working in the office of high buildings. Researching, and working on data for a long time, computer should have been their best friend in their career. Currently, office is not the only place that they appear. Some of them are also working as journalist in business magazines and periodicals. Therefore, they do not only share their opinion with co-workers of the...
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