Financial Analysis Report Cango

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  • Published : February 20, 2013
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1. Mission/Goals Needed for CanGo – Alissa Harrier

2. SWOT Analysis – Sheila Foxx

3. Improve Communication – Angelina de la Rosa

4. Project Management – Angelina de la Rosa

5. Human Resoures (Staff and Development) – Venessa Daniel

Each organization should pay close attention to their staffing and development of the company. Especially when introducing a new product line that will require more work from the existing staff or hiring new employees in order to comply with the work load. The staff should be knowledgeable of their department and the project they are working on.

When implementing a new product line to the company that would require new equipment, financial projections, new software, and possible new hires the company should first look at how this will affect its current staff. For example Nick is not organized enough to efficiently gather the information that is needed for this project in a timely manner. Making sure that each employee is suited for the task at hand is important for the success of the new product line.

Warren should have either chosen an employee who was more capable of handling such a large work load and would be able to keep track of all of the intricacies that entail this large project. Or Warren could have chosen Nick for his experience with online gaming but asked him to get help from fellow employees who are expletory in organization. This would have allowed Nick to gather the information in a more organized fashion rather than stumbling and not remembering what the notes he had written were for.

6. Budget/Capital – Adrian Dodd


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