Financial Analysis of Padma Bridge

Topics: Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, Dhaka Pages: 9 (2254 words) Published: November 15, 2012

The Padma Bridge Issue
(A Dream or a Scandal)

Submitted To:
Mr. Md. Najmul Hasan
Department of Banking & Insurance
University of Dhaka

Submitted By: Group-11

MD. Jamal Hosen
MD. Shafiqul Islam
Masudur Rahman
M.M. Azizur Rahman
Zual Rana16-079

Date of Submission: 16 October, 2012

16th October, 2012
Mr. MD. Najmul Hasan
Department of Banking
University of Dhaka

Subject: Report on “Padma Bridge Issue”.


Here is the term paper on “Padma Bridge Issue” that you assigned us to prepare. In this term paper we have taken the information of Padma Bridge from primary & secondary sources. We have tried to show that whether the Padma Bridge is dream or scandal for our country. In this report we mainly focused on Padma Bridge scandal, alternative financing sources, economic value of Padma Bridge and so on.

This term paper will provide you with information according to your direction. We have studied the relevant information for preparing this term paper. We hope that this term paper will meet your requirement. We would be glad to furnish any further clarification in this regard, if needed.

Sincerely yours,
On behalf of group-11
Department of Banking & Insurance
University of Dhaka.

First of all we are grateful to Almighty Allah for finishing this report on time. We express our thanks to our honorable course teacher Mr. MD. Najmul Hasan for assigning us such a report dealing with “Padma Bridge Issue”. Without cooperation and the support from our course teacher Mr. MD. Najmul Hasan, it would not be possible to prepare such a resourceful report. We would like to thank you for your constant guidance and support that helped us most to complete this report. Pay our gratitude to all of the people who helped us a lot for the completion of this report before, during, and after the working period.

Today Bridge is now the most talked matter in our country. Padma Bridge issue is not a national issue, it is global issue now. We see that in some recent time Padma Bridge has been the alarming subject in our country. For this reason we have selected at this topic. We know that this Bridge is not only simply the Bridge of the people of this country but also the dream of the country people. When we think Padma Bridge have to think this thing like the freedom, like the democracy, like the emotion of the country people. In this report we have tried to focus on the Padma Bridge whether it is dream or scandal. We have also shown the alternative sources of financing regarding this Padma Bridge. We tried to concentrate on the better financing that which one is better foreign or domestic. We have just given some events relating to this Padma Bridge scandal. We have rectified the project management of this Bridge. Economic value of this Bridge also has been given to this report. At the end of this report we have shown some merits and demerits of this Bridge. We have ended this report with nice conclusion and recommendation. no.
2.Overview of the Padma Bridge
3.Problems Regarding the Padma Bridge Issue
4.Some review of Padma Bridge Scandal


A bridge not only connects the people of the two sides of the river but also connects the dreams of the people to reality. It means, through the construction of a bridge the people can develop their existing socio-economic condition. Bangladesh, our motherland and The Padma is the main river of this country. This river divides the districts of the south-west side of our country from the Dhaka city (The capital of Bangladesh) and from the north Bengal. The...
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