Financial Aid Appeal

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  • Published : November 3, 2012
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To whom it may concern,
I am writing to appeal my current student aid suspension for the Fall 2012 semester. I understand that the release of financial aid to me is of concern of the college due to my GPA. However, I have taken the steps to complete six credit hours this summer, under my own financial responsibility (which I am still in the process of paying off), and received excellent grades for both classes. After sustaining the financial strain of paying for these courses, it will be impossible for me to finance my education on my own this semester with the current financial obligations I already face.  

My academic record remains far from perfect, and I know this. I’m determined to continue to repair the damage I’ve caused and obtain a degree and start a career, not only for myself, but for my new family as well. Before jumping back into classes, I took over a year off from school to address and manage certain areas of my life that have kept me from focusing on my academic career. During the Spring 2011 semester, my life became increasingly overwhelming and chaotic. While trying to balance an overabundant amount of bills and expenses, I was also involved in a very demanding and emotionally abusive relationship at the time. My biggest regret during this time was giving this person enough power to control my actions and derail me from achieving my goals. It was a learning experience, and one I hope to never repeat. This instability, along with battling an existing heart arrhythmia condition, only became more difficult when I began experiencing stress induced petit mal seizures. I was completely unaware that I was experiencing these seizures during the semester, thinking I was just suffering from exhaustion, and went undiagnosed until classes were over. This volatile combination of events became my final straw and I knew at that point it was time to step back and get my life under control before I could even think about continuing on with my...
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