Financial Accounting Business Report

Topics: Marginal cost, Costs, Variable cost Pages: 10 (3103 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Report On Product Costing For Dumbellow Ltd

1. Introduction
This report examines various proposals raised by different managers of Dumbellow Ltd. The major issue addressed by these proposals is “how to deal with product Z which is currently resulting in losses and thus pulling down the net profit of the entire product line”. The financial controller proposed a termination of the production of the product while the marketing manager suggested a £1 per unit reduction in the price so as to increase the demand of the product. On the other hand, the managing director thought that a 10% increase in both sales and activity across the board would make a difference. Furthermore, the production manager considered re-organization of production activities and also the use of a cheaper component of product Z. though all these proposals are viable; they have various shortcomings which may outweigh their expected benefit. In addition, a comparison of marginal costing and full costing (absorption costing) is dealt with in this report. The advantages of using marginal costing instead of full costing, in decision making, are discussed. In conclusion, the shortcomings of the analyses of various proposals examined in this report are identified. Recommendations on the best way to handle the case of product Z are also discussed at the end of this report. Key strategies that were recommended include reorganization of the production processes and the termination of the product. 2. Background Information

Dumbellow Ltd is a manufacturing company that produces three industrial valves which are incorporated into equipment used in the Oil and Gas industry. The board of Directors of the company is meeting on 3rd of October to discuss the draft budget for the following year, a few months before the start of that calendar and financial year. They are concerned about two issues; the deterioration of product Z in terms of its profitability in the present period and the financial year and the failure of the company to make a total profit of at least £400k to meet their required 20% return on capital. Owing to the dissatisfaction of the board, the managers of Dumbellow Ltd raised varying proposals on ways to boost the profitability of the company. These diverse views prompted the formation of a group of five members with an objective of writing this report and making recommendations to the board on the most optimal course of action (Lewis, 2001). 3. Marginal Costing and Absorption Costing

Marginal costing, unlike full costing, focuses on the additional costs of producing one ore more units of a product or service. Under this method, the cost of materials and labour are the only components which make up the marginal cost. Other costs such as rent and taxes are considered fixed since they will have been covered. For this reason, marginal cost is easier to compute and thus preferable for quick decision making. Besides saving on time, marginal costing it helps in the generation of additional profit. Every organization aims at maximizing profits which in turn facilitates growth of the business organization. One of the ways of maximizing profits is through reduction or minimization of costs, mostly the costs of production. Dumbellow ltd, for example, through marginal costing can utilize the spare capacity available to produce more of their products. In this case, fixed costs will not be considered since they are already paid; only labour and material costs matters. This enables managers to see quick means of generating extra profit. However, if full costing is used by the company to access the cost of producing extra units, it will be found unprofitable or t result in negligible profits because of fixed costs included and it will require a lo of time (Elliot & Elliot, 2004). Marginal costing brings about better performances but significant risk is experienced....
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