Financial Accounting

Topics: Accounting scandals, Creativity, Collusion Pages: 2 (358 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Financial Reporting
Accurate financial reporting is paramount to the establishment of a level playing field for businesses. It also aids in analyzing trends in business and the economy. The first part of the research paper should outline the different offices and bureaus of financial reporting and why they are significant. The second part of the research paper will present some positive and negative examples of financial reporting results and offer analysis about them. These examples can incorporate both current events and historical events.

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Auditing Collusion
You will investigate the relationship between the owner and manager of a company and the auditor and owner of a company. There is a tendency for these individuals to collude to alter the value of the company. You can analyze past research and gather inferences and results from previous studies or review a current situation in a company. Test these relationships and determine what results occur from the collusion partnerships; for instance, when the manager colludes with the auditor, the manager can steal from the company easier, because income is not reported to the owner. Study the extent of the collusion and the rate of distortion that can occur between these individuals. Read more: Topics for an Accounting Research Paper |

Earnings Management
Research the legality of creative accounting, where numbers are smoothed over to make the company look more profitable than it is. Look over past studies and cases to determine what the results were when creative accounting was used. Locate any instances when corporate accounting was acceptable, if any. Investigate how investors react to different earnings, and if smoothing over...
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