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Progress Report
Periodic Report
Project Completion Report
(Business Correspondence)

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Business letters and reports are one of the ways for any business to communicate with all of its stake holders. These stake holders may include customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, management, government and the public in general. Business letters are the life blood of communication for any business. There are many types of business letters in use. Many people thought that business letter would be a thing of the past once the email and other technology seep into the offices. This notion has so far been proven false. Business letters are still in wide use and their importance hasn't been diminished to the slightest. 

Reports communicate information which has been compiled as a result of research and analysis of data and of issues. One of a good way to keep a customer up to date on the progress of a project is to send a report or letter to the client. This is very important during projects since the consumer is the recipient of the work. The letter should be concise and should contain all the information about the project. A time line or a Gantt chart should be included in order to show the progress much more clearly. This is a good indicator of the direction and accomplishments done for the purpose of the consumer.


Progress Report
* This report assesses the extent to which a given project has achieved its stated objectives, as a certain date. * This is a document that describes the progress of a particular person or event over a specific period of time. Progress reports are often used to judge the development of a project or person doing a task before or between official reviews. Progress reports are valuable to determine if projects are advancing, if a person is making improvements on a job or task, or for ensuring methods created to reach certain goals are having their desired effects. Basics

* The basics of progress reports will include specific information on the project being reviewed and the time the report covers. It will give an account of the progress that has been made, reasons for the progress, and goals for next period of time. A report should have at least one sentence or paragraph as an introduction that describes the purpose of the report. * In educational settings, progress reports are used as an unofficial measure of a student’s improvement throughout a quarter or semester between grading periods. Progress reports have been used by some high schools to determine the eligibility of students participating in extracurricular activity on a weekly basis. A typical progress report for a school would list the student’s name, the name of the teacher making the report, the period the progress report covers, grades and comments. The comment area can reflect on the student’s progress or lack of progress for that period, problems that may have prevented the student from progressing, and what needs to be done to continue the student's improvement. The end of the progress report may include a line for the student’s parent or guardian to sign, acknowledging receipt and review of the report. Progress Reports Functions

* Reassure recipients that you are making progress, that the project is going smoothly, and that it will be complete by the expected date. * Provide their recipients with a brief look at some of the findings or some of the work of the project. * Give their recipients a chance to evaluate your work on the project and to request changes. * Give you a chance to discuss problems in the project and thus to forewarn recipients. * Force you to establish a work schedule so that you'll complete the project on time. Guidelines for writing Progress Report

1. All measurements of progress in this report will necessarily...
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