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Finance de What’s and Why’s|
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1.Why finance?2
2.Why banking?2
3.Areas of banking3
4.Corporate Banking4
I.What is corporate banking?4
II.Why corporate banking?4
III.What are the roles in corporate banking?4
5.Asset Management5
I.What is Asset Management?5
II.Why Asset Management?6
III.What are the roles in Asset Management?6
6.Transaction Banking7
I.What is transaction banking?7
II.Why transaction banking?8
III.What are the roles in Transaction banking?8
7.Risk Management9
I.What is Risk Management?9
II.Why Risk Management?10
III.What are the roles in Risk Management?10
8.Wealth Management11
I.What is Wealth Management?11
II.Why Wealth Management?13
III.What are the roles in wealth management?13
I.What is treasury?14
II.Why Treasury?14
III.What are the roles in treasury?15

1. Why finance?
When I came into FMS I was exposed to various subjects from diverse fields. Subjects from the field of finance attracted my attention the most. This may be because being from technology background I have strong inclination towards analytical and quantitative subjects, which helped me have quicker grasp of finance tools and techniques. Later when I got chance to do my internship with National Housing Bank and was able to put my theoretical knowledge into practice; I realised my decision to pursue finance was right. I enjoyed working on the project I got and hence going by the saying that “one should work in the field he enjoys” I decided to make my career in finance. 2. Why banking?

World of banking is an exciting field that offers an assortment of options for the career minded individual. There are many reasons why I want to be in banking industry: i. Bank I believe operate as meritocracies where responsibilities comes fast ii. Starting salaries are really quite attractive and the rewards for the successful banker can be outstanding. iii. There is huge growth potential in the Indian banking sector and joining at this juncture would provide me an opportunity to be part of this. iv. Strong math and communication skills, enjoyment gained from customer service, as well as interest in finance and the monetary system v. Corporate and professional working conditions.

vi. Lastly although this may sound abstract but by working in bank one becomes quite cautious and scientific in doing one's work. The scientist's accuracy needed for marking entries become the bent of one's mind. Accurate working qualifies a person for a better life. It is the shoddy work and haphazard approach that become hurdles in one's progress. In today’s banking profession, there are more crossovers in customer service, business advising, online banking and traditional branch responsibilities than ever before. Interviewers who question prospective employees want to be sure they can handle a variety of duties and introduce customers to new services. 3. Areas of banking

4. Corporate Banking
I. What is corporate banking?
Corporate banking is all about helping corporate clients build their businesses by providing financial and strategic advice and products. These clients tend to be large blue chip companies. The services corporate banking offers are vast and wide. It’s more than just advice and introductions to investors. Here’s a snapshot of some of those services: a) underwriting equity and fixed-income offerings – this is all about raising money from issuing shares and debts in the company b) acting on behalf of and advising clients when they buy or merge with another firm c) identifying and securing new business deals

d) Helping to develop financial strategies.
II. Why corporate banking?
I would like to work in area of corporate banking because my work will have a...
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