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Executive Summary

Ever since, the type of government which the country possess is republican democratic where the people choose the leaders to represent them in interstate matters. These leaders are the one protecting and administering the constitution. In this constitution, businesses are protected by the law to encourage businessman to start businesses here in the country. Unfortunately, these provisions are not successfully implemented. The political and economy status of the Philippines is unfortunately not conducive for business because of too many requirements and too many payments to be made. Considering this, we taught of a product that would not be hard to sell and in lined with the Filipinos wants. In the Philippines, the climate is relatively hot especially the summer season is coming. In order to cool off, the Filipinos have this tradition of going to beaches, eating ice candies and many cool beverages. But fortunately, summer is not the only time that these traditions are done with the climate here in the Philippines this kind of business does not go out of trend. In these past years, beverages like milk teas and fruit shake are trending all over the Philippines. Because the Filipinos are more health conscious than before therefore the people are looking for healthier options. Nowadays, people are hooked with taking care of their body in a minimal cost because before being healthy is expensive not like now. It started with the Zagu era where people regardless of their class are hooked with Zagu because it is fruit shake in affordable prices. Then fresh fruit shakes became affordable so Big Chill, Fruitas and Fruit Magic became popular than Zagu. Then the Milk Tea Rampage, which we are still experiencing currently. Milk Tea became popular because it is healthy at the same time delicious. The taste is never compromised. So we decided to take the same idea but in different product and we call it Fruitiorgvegi. Fruitiorgvegi is a fruit shake with organic ingredients in it, making it a healthier drink. It is making fruit shake in a whole different level. For us to sell this product, we need to promote our product extensively. Since it is a new product people do not know it yet. We need to let the Market know that this product exists. Our target market is Class C and above. We want our product to be affordable to everyone as much as possible and be popular in all kinds of people including the foreigners and the tourists visiting the Philippines. This product could be a pride to our country since it is an innovation.

Environmental Scanning

External Forces
* Political, Government, and Legal forces
The political government and legal aspects of a particular business, among local and global environments are being considered in our fruit shake organic drink because the state itself both local, and foreign governments are major regulators, manipulators, subsidizers, employers, and customers of the organizations. As well as the society, the growing interdependence among economies, markets, governments, and organizations portrays the importance of considering the political variables affecting the conception, development, and operation of our fruit shake organic drink. Existing and potential developments bearing on government-driven tax laws, trade agreements, restraints, regulatory framework, industry subsidies, investment incentives, local content manufacturing requirements, regulated pricing, economic treaties and the like. * Social, Cultural, Demographic & Environmental Forces Fruitiorgvegi drink suits the palate of every Filipino, thus making it as popular as any other drink business which is very popular among the Filipinos is one thing. And urban living people are always on the go and very busy. People these days wanted to have their drink all the way and instantly, with our...
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