Finalist Theories

Topics: Altruism, Egoism, Selfishness Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: December 21, 2012
1.Try to look at your parents or your guardians. When can you say they are being egoistic? Altruistic. Give one scenario for each.

According to the Sage dictionary, egoism is the theory that the pursuit is the basis of morality while altruism is the quality of unselfish concern for the welfare of others. When I look at my parents, I am really having a hard time to think when they are being egoistic because as what my eyes can behold, they are always being altruistic. Why? Simple, it is because they have done their best in raising us well. All the love, care, concern, understanding and almost everything they could ever give to their children have never been lacking. Education for them is the best that one could ever have for no one could ever take it away, that’s why they have given us all kinds of support in order for us to be well-educated. I look up to my parents so much and I’m very thankful that I’ve reached this far because of them. They are my inspiration next to God to pursue everything that I have started.

2. If you are to assess yourself, what kind of a person are you? Are you an egoist, or an altruist? Discuss in relevance to your own experiences in computing.

Assessing what kind of person you are is not an easy job. Choosing between being an egoist or an altruist gives me a difficult time to decide. In computing, there are times that I’m being an egoist and there are also times I’m not. As the saying goes, “Man in nature is selfish”, so to be honest, I am being an egoist when I can see that people around me seek for my help without even having a single effort to do so. I don’t like to tolerate people who just copy my work without even knowing what they are copying. In my altruistic side, when times I find a computer problem, given as an exercise, very difficult for me to solve alone, I seek for help to those person who can help me solve it. There, the words “cooperation” and “brainstorming” take place. When we have already...
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