Final Yr Project

Topics: Speech synthesis, Speech recognition, Microcontroller Pages: 53 (9399 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Chapter 1

1. Introduction

Embedded systems play an important role in our day to day life. Due to limited works this systems can be highly optimized by particular needs [27]. Some of the embedded systems applications were controlling the devices with some amount of intelligence built-in [1].

Speech synthesis system has wide range of applications in our daily life. Speech synthesis plays an important role in signal processing. The natural, intelligible synthetic voices in the expanding field of speech technology had a lot of demand [4]. Speech was the natural form of human communication. Automatic speech signal generation on computers is commonly called speech synthesis. Speech synthesis was the artificial production of human speech [2]. Speech synthesizer can be created by concatenating pieces of recorded audio speech that was stored in a database memory. Text-to-speech synthesis was an important object in speech interface, which allows low-bandwidth text to supply a user with easy to gain the information. In speech synthesis field, a number of research programmes have taken place during the last decade [13]. In 1984 an industry expert Mr Drinkwater said that about the synthesis “synthesis is going to be the next bam-burning technology” [2]. Now a day’s synthesis speech was useful for many applications. In 1999 an American business magnate said that “In a few years personal computers will ... talk back to us” [2]. In the past (Allen et al., 1987), the text to speech synthesis was done from a complete knowledge of the acoustics of the language being targeted. For getting text to speech synthesis different techniques were used [5]. Concatenate method was the simplest method for achieving the synthesis speech. By using this method the speech was generated by linking pre recorded speech segments to build syllables, phrases, or words [2].

The block diagram for the system was shown in the following figure 1.


Figure 1: Block diagram of the system

From the above figure the system will have four main sections; the microcontroller of the system would take the commands from user and control the converter. The link between the user interface (computer) and the microcontroller was two ways because after taking the some commands from user the system would also respond with proper feedback. After processing the inputs the output will reflect through the speaker controlled by the microcontroller which was illustrated by the figure 1.

1) Aims

The aim of this project is to implement a user interface to a small microcontroller using synthesized speech.

2) Objective of the project

The objective of the project was to generate the synthesis speech using a small microcontroller for user interface. For achieving this project to implement a user interface to control the ISD board and generate the synthesis speech system.

3) Deliverables

• Design and implement a solid state audio record and playback system.

• Identify a method and producing completely synthesized speech and implement it.

4) Advantages of the system

This system can be implemented for

I. Speech synthesis system was used to audibly communicate information to the user because the audio recordings were too expensive and large to storage on disk.

II. This system was used for the blind people to understand the preloaded instructions which were used in the daily usage.

III. Text to speech was used in the games applications to talk to the user instead of using text message displayed on the screen.

IV. It was used in the railway stations to announce the information about the train timings.

V. Conserve the digital storage space. This system was useful for phases that would occupy too much storage space if they were pre-recorded in digital audio format [6].

Chapter 2

2. Problem Analysis

This chapter was highlighted the...
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