Final Year Project

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1.1 Company Overview
SJ Engineering Sdn Bhd is a company who provides an innovative products as well as encouraging green engineering and green business concept. Our company vision is to become main manufacturer of innovative and green engineering products throughout Malaysia and Asian’. Therefore, we try to reach this opportunity to introduce our brand new tricycle which is very convenience, stylish, and hi-tech to the seller and directly attracting buyer to come to the tricycle. This idea was appears when we realize that nowadays there are increasing number of people who love doing business and they might face a few problem when using existing tricycle. They don’t have enough space for their worksite, they have to carry a lot of things for utilities, and the tricycle not has any attracting element. Sellers, especially who doing business at night market, and by the roadside of schools and offices, have a critical situation nowadays as their survival have decline in doing business. They have to move on to a new things that are can be attractive, convenience, and innovative. If we look at situation nowadays, there are many seller sell their food by road side, but, as we can see their layout and booth doesn’t arranged properly and dirty. Thus, we believe that this concept will create something new that will overcome the problems and hope this concept will accepted by Malaysian seller. SJ Engineering Sdn Bhd is a new company that emphasize on innovating the new concept of making tricycle for small businesses that wants to reborn their business or for people that just want to start for business. SJ Engineering had found a new recipe in manufacturing a good, innovative, environment friendly, hi-tech and stylish tricycle that suitable for everyone in starting their business. Creativity and commitment of SJ Engineering founder, Mr. Muhamad Asyraf which graduates in Bachelor of Business (Honours) (Engineering Entrepreneurship) at Universiti Malaysia Perlis has given a new atmosphere inside small and micro business environment in Malaysia. “My Tricycle” was the name of the product and initiated by the founder since he was studying at university. Looking at situation of micro entrepreneur at Perlis, he was thinking a new idea in making this business breathing. All you need is inside the tricycle: electrical sources, water sources, enough space for working and even a stylish design. SJ Engineering Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 2012 with Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) by his founder, Mr. Muhamad Asyraf bin Mohd Ridhwan. Company’s authorized capital was RM 100 000. Besides, a few venture capitalists (VC) also attracted in injecting capital for investment in this company. Besides, by looking at SJ Engineering’s idea of tricycle, VC’s believes that this business will give great impact in micro business environment and directly towards Malaysia’s economic level. Moreover, SJ Engineering Sdn Bhd was located at lot 2324, Enterprise 4, Technology Park Malaysia (TPM), Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur which is the center for developing many technology clusters such as engineering, biotechnology and ICT for Malaysia. Located in this technology park, SJ Engineering is strengthen with the support of many engineering experts such TPM Engineering Sdn Bhd. TPM have given us wide exposure in engineering elements such as design and manufacturing our products. With the support given, our company able to provide a brand new product called “My Tricycle” that would definitely be competitive in the market.

Looking at the market, there is actually no directly competition in tricycle making as many sellers are built their tricycle by their own. On the other hand, some tricycles are purposely built for ice-cream selling and for carrying things. The special things about SJ Engineering offers is the multipurpose tricycle that can be use to sell anything that sellers wants. Sellers can sell fruits, food, drinks,...
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