Final Week Project 9

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  • Published : August 18, 2012
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ETH 125
JULY 8, 2012

The Cultural Diversity class has been very informative in all the lessons that were discussed throughout the course. The lessons have taught me that even though we have grown as a country and have removed slavery and other forms of injustices we still have not eliminated racism, discrimination and prejudices in the United States. Our society is so culturally diverse that it seems impossible for society to accept each other as equal because everyone, even though we may not admit it, wants to be the dominant group. Throughout the course I have begun to achieve a better understanding of the social, cultural, religious and economic characteristics of these different groups. I have learned that minority groups have struggled and experienced many injustices throughout history. They have fought and will continue to fight to ensure that all people are treated equally. These lessons have opened up my eyes to let me see in a different perspective. I have been educated on the treatment of our minority groups and have become more aware of how I act and speak with people of different groups. I have learned that I need to communicate with all people no matter if they are different than me. I am catholic and know that there are many other religious groups but I did not realize how many existed until I took this class. An interesting fact that I learned was that Buddhism and Hinduism are quite similar in the instance that they are less of a religion and more of a philosophy way of life. We as a society must learn to coexist and accept one another and value what each of us can bring to the table and enrich each other lives. What will the U. S. population look like in the year 2050? The year 2050 is a long time form now and just like the past has changed a great deal so will the future. Trends in immigration will continue to shape the demographics of the United States. The United States is...
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