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Topics: Africa, Latin America, South America Pages: 4 (596 words) Published: May 30, 2013
SSCI 165

-- Land-Bridge
-- “Ciudades Perdidas”
-- Maquiladoras

-- The Aztecs
-- The Incas
-- Hernán Cortés
-- José de San Martín
-- Simón Bolívar
-- The Tonton Macoutes
-- Castro, Chavez, & Morales
-- Juan, Eva, &
Isabel Perón
-- Augusto Pinochet

-- Panama Canal
-- “The Dirty War”
-- Insurgent Groups

-- Domingo Sarmiento
-- Pope Alexander VI
-- FARC (Rev. Armed
Forces of Colombia)
-- Muammar Qaddafi
-- Huophouet Boigny
-- Mathieu Kerekou
-- Charles Taylor
-- Paul Biya
-- Jean-Bedel Bokassa
-- Michele Bachelet

-- Perforated
-- Treaty of Tordesillas
-- Apartheid

-- Francisco Macias
-- Albert Schweitzer
-- “Ninjas” & “Cobras”
-- “Tutsi’s” & “Hutu’s”
-- Idi Amin
-- Daniel Moi
-- Bakili Muluzi
-- Robert Mugabe
-- Nelson Mandela
-- “Las Madres”

Know the main characters and plots


-- Why were the Aztecs so great? And why were they conquered so easily? -- Where was the Aztec capital? Where was the Incan capital? -- Where is the most densely populated area of the Americas? -- Why is Cuba’s huge economic potential being wasted?

-- What exactly is the relationship between Puerto Rico & the US? Are the Puerto Ricans happy? -- What 2 sections are the Caribbean islands split into? Name the Southernmost islands. -- How large is Mexico compared to the rest of Middle America? How large is Mexico City? -- What economic agreement should be helping Mexico’s economy? -- Why is the demographic situation in Belize so fascinating? -- What natural disaster (worst in W. Hem. history) devastated Honduras and Nicaragua in 1998? -- What country (known as the Switz. of L. Amer.) has the oldest democracy in Latin America? -- What country tried unsuccessfully to construct a Panama Canal in the 1880’s ? -- What did the “Treaty of Tordesillas” do? And under whose orders? -- What radical move did the Portuguese gov’t do to stop...
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