Final Strategic Plan

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Final Strategic Plan

By | September 2010
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Final Strategic Plan
My company is a pawnshop in which will be environmentally friendly, will be able to help all people, and will be a company that will the communities in which the businesses will be located in. There are many other pawnshops located all over the world but this pawnshop has the ability to go above and beyond what all the other pawnshops have gone and will go. With a lot of hard work and dedication from all managers and employees and with dedicated customers, and community that Treasure’s will have no problem accomplishing all of the goals and objectives set forth.

My pawnshop is a company that will allow men and women the opportunity to sell, buy, or pawn items that they have no use for and get a little extra cash. In a sense Treasures will be able to help all people with money problems, or a problem with just having too much junk lying around. This company will help out many different people. If a customer needs just a little bit of cash for a short period of time to help them pay the bills they can come to the shop and I will be able to lend them money for an item they have. The item they will pawn will then be out in the back of the store until the customer can pay off the loan I gave them. If however the customer does not come back to pay off the loan I will then keep the item they pawned and sell it for a profit. As well if a customer has something’s in their home they no longer need they can come and sell that item to me for money. In return I could also have bought and item and someone may be looking for that item and I will be able to sell it to them. This is where the company cab help people, by simply having something they made need, or by giving them money they may not have been able to obtain.

The employees of this company will as well be taking care of very well. They will be able to get paid for the holidays they work as well as get any days off they feel they need within reason. The employees will be held to the same...

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